Become a Great Presenter and Increase Your Influence


Contributed by: Manish Chandak

CFA Society India, Pune hosted a power-packed session on “Become a Great Presenter and Increase Your Influence” by Mr. Andrew Stotz on 15th April 2017. Andrew Stotz, who is known as one of the Thailand’s leading equity analysts, is a CFA Charter holder and has graduated with a PhD in Management Science and Engineering at the University of Science and Technology of China. He has authored many books which include “Transform your business with Dr. Deming’s 14 Points” and “You Won’t Get Rich in the Stock Market…Until You Change the Way You Think About”. He firmly believes in Educating, Empowering and Exciting people from different walks of life.

Andrew began the session by asking his audience about their motivation for becoming a great presenter. His overriding theme for the session was: “a Great IDEA + a Great PRESENTATION = CHANGE THE WORLD!” He wanted to teach all participants excellent presentation skills so that they can present whatever great idea they have in such a way that it will change the world for better.

He described five steps to delivering an excellent presentation as below:

  1. Strong argument: Simple, with a good flow.
  2. Clear benefit: Show benefits up front.
  3. Powerful delivery: Audience feels your passion.
  4. Attractive presentation: Attention on you and your message.
  5. Energetic ending: Your energy can change lives.

He kept his audience engaged by his confident delivery and mind-blowing presentation. He used his presentation as a demonstration to put his point across. He evoked strong emotions by sharing his personal story. He surprised his audience by giving away lots of goodies to those who posted brilliant snaps of the event during the event on his live blog. This was followed by Q&A session where he patiently answered audience queries. He ended the session by reiterating his overriding theme: “a Great Idea + a Great Presentation = CHANGE THE WORLD!”


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