Build your professional network, develop soft skills, and enrich lives

To create a positive change in the Investment Profession, we need your help, your passion, and your ideas. Serving as a volunteer is one of the best and most impactful ways to contribute to our combined success. Volunteers support the success of CFA Society India with their commitment and dedication. Hundreds of CFA Society India members have been doing so since 2005, and we hope you consider applying your unique talents and expertise as a volunteer here.

Why Volunteer?

Did you ever think about how volunteering can benefit your professional development? Regardless of your specific educational background or career path, volunteering can help you:

  • Fill your downtime with something productive
  • Enhance “soft” skills that are valued in the workplace
  • Demonstrate that you’re a risk-taker
  • Build your professional network
  • Boost your career

Who can Volunteer?

Only active members, be it Affiliate or Regular, of CFA Society India can volunteer.

Where to Volunteer?

CFA Society India volunteers work together to enhance member value by providing professional and career development opportunities, promoting highest standards of ethics and professional conduct, and being a thought leader of the investment profession for the ultimate benefit of society.

Update your contact details with CFA Society India and raise your hand to volunteer for the local community. There are many ways to volunteer including short-term micro, project-based, and ad hoc opportunities, or committee appointments in the following areas:

  • Research & Advocacy Committee (RAC)
  • Public Awareness Committee (PAC)
  • Professional Learning Committee (PL)
  • Membership Committee
  • Career Services Committee (CSC)


  • CFA Institute Research Challenge (IRC)
  • Scholarships
  • Women in Investment Management

How to Volunteer?

To start your volunteering journey, you can write to us at membership@india.cfasociety.org and we will assist you, guide you with details of each area where you can volunteer.