CFA Program

About the Program:

CFA Institute is the premier global association for investment management professionals. Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) designation is the highest distinction in the investment management profession. As a CFA charterholder, you will join over 175,000 professionals recognized globally for their commitment to ethics and professionalism.

Some of the key features of CFA Program:

  • Secure a Successful Career: Kickstart your career with skills needed to excel at all stages of your investment profession
  • Gain a Strong Ethical Foundation: Gain the confidence and clarity in navigating ethical issues within the investment management industry
  • Earn Waivers and Industry Acclaim: Earn recognition and waivers from regulatory agencies, graduate programs and other organizations
  • Expand Your Knowledge: Rigorous curriculum equips you for complex investment decisions and real-world scenarios
  • Join a Global Community: Connect with many prestigious groups of investment professionals from around the world
  • Access Expert Support: Gain access to career resources, guides, thought leadership and other educational support

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Pursuing a charter through the CFA Program is a commitment to a program of study, a career path, a profession – is it right for you? Learn more: 


CFA Program enquiries

If you have any enquiries about the CFA Program, please contact CFA Institute.
Time: Sunday 5:00 p.m.–Friday 5:00 p.m. ET
Tel: 000-800-100-4025 or 000-800-852-1157 (toll free numbers for India)