Aniruddha Arun Meher, MPhil, CFA

Aniruddha Arun Meher, MPhil, CFA
Multi-Act Equity Consultancy Pvt Ltd

About Me

Being a first generation investor, that too from a non financial background, I was lured by the CFA program mainly for its vast coverage of relevant topics in financial analysis. While there are many resources nowadays to learn anything of your interest, the meticulously designed syllabus of CFA helped me develop my understanding in a proper planned manner.

I manage a quant PMS fund, perhaps one of the first in India. Generally, quants are not as involved in active company research as their counterparts in investments. However, the CFA program helped me understanding the minutiae as well as the applications of financial research in various types of real life cases.

CFA is an exam of excellence, and number of attempts do not determine one’s success. The crossing of each level of CFA is a tremendous boost to self image, as well as a humbling experience in knowing that better people than you may not have yet cleared it.

I now have developed utmost respect and camaraderie with others who have cleared CFA. The three letters tell me a Chartered Financial Analyst, irrespective of rank or experience, has fought the same uphill battle and came away victorious, just like me.