Ayush Rathod, CFA

Ayush Rathod, CFA
Student - Indian School of Business (ISB)

About Me

Embarking on the CFA journey from a traditional business family, my aim was to create my own path in the world of finance. Balancing work with preparations for Levels 2 and 3 of the CFA exams, I developed a disciplined approach, organizing my routine to effectively manage both studies and work. Consistent study habits eased the pressure, enabling me to perform well in exams. This experience taught me the value of starting early and maintaining consistency, a lesson I believe is key to achieving any goal.

My journey wasn’t without challenges, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic causing repeated delays in my Level 2 exam. However, I remained focused and earned my charter last year. While studying, I worked at Visible Alpha in the healthcare sector, where my CFA learnings were instrumental in understanding complex financial models and market dynamics.

Currently pursuing an MBA at the Indian School of Business, the skills and insights from my CFA journey are invaluable, enriching my academic and professional growth. This path of continuous learning has been transformative, shaping me into a well-rounded finance professional ready for future challenges.