Devisa Todi, CFA

Devisa Todi, CFA

About Me

Contrary to the usual order of things, it was in fact the CFA Program that sparked my interest in the thrilling world of finance. I started reading the CFA curriculum to gauge where my interests lie during undergraduate studies when I was still figuring out what my choice of career would be.

My grandfather was in the manufacturing business, and investing was one of his hobbies. I grew up listening to my family members talk about business and finance. Hence when I started reading the curriculum, I took to it quite naturally. It seemed like a fascinating story book that exposed me to the world of investments where there was so much more than equity investments. Just a few weeks before the CFA exam, I registered for it – right before the deadline. At that moment, there was no plan, no long term vision of what I wanted the next steps to be, what I wanted my career to look like. I went on to take one CFA exam after another, and the next thing I know, I was an MBA in Finance from IIM Lucknow, during which I worked as a fund manager of a student led investment fund and was soon working as an Investment Banking & Markets Assistant Vice President in Citibank.

Earlier this year, I joined the founding team and started my current role as CFO of Centilytics, a 200-people strong bootstrapped start-up providing cloud services. Now when I look back to the day I had asked my friend to lend me the CFA Program Curriculum, I had no idea I’d be here today. Behind the cover of the book was a journey that has made me who I am and I’d do it again if I had the chance.