Labanya Prakash Jena

Labanya Prakash Jena
Program Head, Center for Sustainable Finance, Climate Policy Initiative



Question – How long have you been volunteering with CFA Society India?
Answer – 8 years


Question – Why did you choose to volunteer for CFA Society India, and what aspects of it do you find the most fulfilling?
Answer – Mentoring students participating in the CFA Research Challenge has been incredibly rewarding. The CFA India Society provided me with a platform (e.g., writing in newsletters and speaking in webinars) to share my opinions and insights on green finance. It also offered valuable opportunities to meet and exchange ideas with other society members.


Question – Has volunteering helped you professionally?
Answer – Volunteering has immensely helped me grow professionally. It has expanded my professional network. The CFA India Society platform has also allowed me to share my expertise, particularly in green finance, and engage in meaningful discussions with like-minded professionals.


Question – What advice would you have for someone considering volunteering for the first time? What can they expect, and how can they maximise their experience while volunteering?
Answer – Leverage CFA Society network; attend all the events and don’t miss opportunity to meet and interact with people; constantly upgrade yourself by attending professional development programs.