Naveen Kumar, CFA

Naveen Kumar, CFA
D.E. Shaw & Co.

About Me

Like the multitudes of professionals, I started my career as an engineer, I dared to leap into the vast realms of finance during my first year of MBA. To plant my seeds and sprout in this fertile world of finance, I embarked on the prestigious journey of CFA, a path trodden by countless aspirants. Amidst a global pandemic and countless hurdles, I managed to seize the esteemed CFA title this year. Rising from a non-finance background to conquer this journey was not just an achievement, but also a testament to my relentless spirit and unyielding determination.

Now, as a part of a hedge fund, the CFA title isn’t just a designation, it’s the backbone of each analysis and proposition I present. It has given me the profound ability to navigate the vast ocean of finance, exploring its infinite depths and unparalleled breadth, all thanks to the expansive curriculum.

Embarking on the CFA journey is akin to a warrior’s quest – it demands personal sacrifices, it’s a solitary trek that tests your endurance and resolve. But it’s this very journey that chisels a raw professional into a refined, resilient, and multifaceted individual. This journey is not just about achieving a certificate, it’s about discovering your own mettle, your own strength, and your own potential.