Utsav Adani, CFA

Utsav Adani, CFA
Oaklane Capital Management LLP

About Me

I am a buy-side analyst with a PMS having 4+ years of experience.

I began tracking equities at 14 years of age. I used to read business newspapers and watch business news on TV, then. At 14, I knew that this was my calling and I started working towards it. However, my family was not very keen on me getting into the investment field. Finally, after 6 years of convincing, I got to open my demat account at the age of 20, but still getting into investments was a no.

Later, after multiple discussions with my family…the path to my getting into equities was laid out by my father. He said to get a gold medal in MBA and become a CFA Charter holder and you can join the investments field. That was the beginning of the journey from where I never looked back. 4 years back I got my gold medal in MBA and fast forward to today, here I am, about to be felicitated as a CFA Charter holder. The journey of learning, unlearning and re-learning has only begun…I am glad that it started with MBA gold and CFA Charter.