IAIP had its AGM on July 4th 2013 to adopt the financial statements, reappointment of auditor, retirement of Sunil Singhania, Founder Member & President, IAIP, retirement of Vidhu Shekhar, Vice President, IAIP and appointment of Jayesh Gandhi as President and both Namit Arora and Rohit Rebello as Vice President.

Like in the past Rohit moderated the AGM, passing all the resolutions and informing members of Sunil’s entry into the Board of Governors, CFA Institute, the first Indian to have this privilege. Likewise he informed about Vidhu working with CFA Institute to draw down India strategy. These are recognition for Volunteerism.

In his address to the members Sunil gave a glimpse of the journey of IAIP, the idea for which was conceived in 2003 but organization got formed in 2005 when the criteria for a minimum number of members for a society (minimum of 50) was met. Since then the membership numbers have grown to just over 1000 in 2012. This has been possible due to multiple networking opportunities offered to members by way of events like Speaker & Career Events, Annual Forecast Event, India Investment Conference, Research Challenge etc. Similarly, active volunteers have opportunities to interact with industry leaders, employers and regulators through various committees and events. Sunil expressed confidence in the new team to carry on the good work. At the same time he encouraged members to come forward and become active volunteers; without which the society can’t go ahead.

Taking on from Sunil, Jayesh assured members to continue the good work done by the society so far and encourage volunteers to bring in new ideas & speakers and organize events for the larger benefit of the society. The IAIP platform is open for all and its success depends on active volunteerism.

Contributed by: Chetan Shah, CFA, IAIP Volunteer

Photographs by: Santosh Samal

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