Indian Financial System and the 2nd Wave of Stress

Indian Financial System and the 2nd Wave of Stress

Watch Ashish Gupta, CFA, present on “Indian Financial System and the 2nd wave of stress”. The session was moderated by Mr. Sriram Mahadevan.

In this webinar, Mr. Gupta shares a comprehensive overview of the Indian Financial system. The discussion covers wide-ranging topics – from banking to the interplay of leverage, credit markets and the resultant stress on financial services sectors. Expect the following broad learning outcomes:

1) Understanding the impact of the current financial crisis
2) Review financial systems’ capacity to withstand stress
3) Discuss extent of leverage
4) Policy levers and what this would mean for the financial system

Ashish Gupta, CFA, is the Managing Director and Head of Equity Research, India.  He is also the lead analyst for the Indian financial services sector and APAC banks based in Mumbai. He has been covering Indian banks for over 20 years and with CS for over 10 years.

Sriram Mahadevan, Principal- Endowment Investment Group at Azim Premji Trust, an at-scale Endowment of USD 21 billion of economic interest across asset classes. Sriram has been part of the Endowment Investment initiative since 2013. His responsibilities extend from deployment and management of the trust corpus across asset classes with a combination of a partnership to direct investments to generate a return that can sustainably finance the trust’s long-term charter.