Networking event – A Bond to Hold

Contributed by: Meera Siva

The Chennai chapter of the IAIP conducted a networking cum speaker event on Dec 21 for imparting various insights about the CFA curriculum to the CFA candidates. The candidates had a very unique opportunity to get expert insights from senior Charter holders who are Board members of the IAIP. Kishor Bagri CFA, SVP & PM – PMS, ING Investment Management has over 18 years of experience including 11 years in investment function. Vidhu Shekar, CFA, Country Head – India, CFA Institute, was formerly the Vice President at the National Stock Exchange for over nine years.


Highlights of the event:

Kishor explained what makes the CFA program unique. For one, the curriculum is constantly updated to incorporate latest developments in the field of finance around the world. This is achieved through inputs from senior finance professionals. Charter holders actively volunteer and contribute research practices and best practices for the benefit of others in the field. These help set the golden standards for the industry. The knowledge is also shared with regulators who take the inputs when they come up with regulatory standards.


Vidhu elaborated on how the CFA program came into being in the US, over 50 years ago. Unlike law and medicine, no special capability needs to be demonstrated to handle finances. The CFA program came into being after senior professionals in the US felt that the bar has to be raised for those offering financial advice. He noted that in general, professionals earning the CFA charter in countries such as US and Europe tend to be more senior compared to India where the average age of charter holders is very young.

There was a very interactive Q&A session where specific queries of candidates were addressed.

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