Pension and Endowment Portfolio Strategies: Spread, Rates, Volatility Suppression


  • Sri

    One of the best sessions I ever attended. Very succinct explanation about portfolio strategies. Absolutely brilliant. Thanks to IAIP Bangalore for organizing this event. Should bring him back for a full day of workshop and call it ‘Portfolio Management’. Very well organized event and excellent audience engagement.

  • Rao

    Fantastic explanation of investment themes and strategies built on market volatility and ideas to capture both long and short volatility. He also did a very nice job connecting interest rates and volatility especially in a low rate, low vol environment. I liked his comment about: “I never invested in instruments where I did not understand cash flow’. How simplistic but so important.

  • Lakshmi

    Spoke extensively about the dynamics of global fixed income securities. Also included an excellent discussion and analysis of investment opportunities globally in a volatile environment with low spreads. Clear presentation that anyone with knowledge of markets can understand. Cannot wait to hear more talks by Mr. Swamy. I would support bringing him back for more sessions on investments.

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