IAIP – Wins Two Society Excellence Awards

IAIP – Wins Two Society Excellence Awards

Members will be delighted to know that Indian Association of Investment Professionals has received Society Excellence Awards for Best Member Communication and Best Volunteer Management Programs from CFA Institute at the recently concluded Society Leadership Retreat in Chicago.

Sunil Singhania, CFA, President, IAIP (R) and Chetan Shah, CFA, Communication Chair, IAIP on photo shoot after the announcement of Society Excellence Awards

IAIP has been bringing out newsletters on quarterly basis for almost 2 years now. It covers all the events viz. the speaker events, research challenge, annual forecast event, India Investment Conference etc. Last calendar year it started adding post-event notes on iaip.wordpress.com in the following week or two along with lots of photographs of the members. This is very useful to those who missed the event and those who stay outside Mumbai and can’t travel for these events. It has developed a communication platform at www.iaipirc.org used exclusively for communicating and coordinating IAIP Challenge at the regional and national levels within the country. Last year 32 colleges participated in the competition and as many volunteers acted as either graders, mentors, judges or event organizers. The site was very useful in conducting the event smoothly and well in time. It also revitalized the society group on the www.linkedin.com by sending invites to members.

Volunteer Management Program uses emails, web-forms, www.linkedin.com, phone calls and SMS both for communicating & filling volunteer opportunities. Two of its active volunteers were part of APAC task force on volunteer development. Following this it had the first Volunteer Day organized on October 16th 2011 wherein 22 new members participated on a Sunday. Out these 5 flew from distant cities. Now it has few events organized in cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore and Chennai. This extension of activity to other important centers in India and active participation by members & volunteers are an even bigger wins for IAIP.

To read the announcement about the Society Excellence Awards kindly follow the following link


Contribution from: Chetan Shah, CFA, IAIP Volunteer

Picture from CFA Institute at SLR, Chicago.

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