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A fund manager handling funds worth Rs 35,000 crore, Sunil Singhania, CFA is one of the big boys in the game as the CIO- Equities at Reliance Mutual Fund. He has been with Reliance Mutual Fund for over 11 years and the schemes managed by him have been rated the best not just in India but also globally.  Some excerpts from an exclusive chat.


How do you view the Asset Management Industry with regards to scope, growth and job prospects? How can CFA Charter holders take advantage of it?

India is a fast growing nation. Additionally, it has a well developed and well regulated financial industry in place. Equity as an investment, though well recognised, is still low in terms of weightage in an average Indian’s portfolio. With growth in economy and in overall market cap and good returns being generated by equities, the propensity to invest in equities by Indians should rise. Overseas interest in Indian equities has always been strong and of late, has only increased. Thus, with a growing market, opportunities for finance professionals will be good over a period of time. CFA charterholders can opt for various roles; like asset managers, analysts, intermediaries, wealth managers, private bankers, etc.

How did CFA help in enhancing your career objectives?

The CFA charter added a very relevant qualification to my resume and gave me an additional edge over my peers.

How would you rate the CFA course with respect to content and structure, including pros and cons? Also include aspects which give CFA course an edge over other courses.

CFA curriculum is very well designed and gives a finance professional a global perspective. The focus on ethics is so useful and relevant, setting CFA curriculum apart from other qualifications.

What guidance you would give to CFA aspirants?

CFA is a good course, but also needs dedication, hard work and time commitment to be successfully completed. It is certainly very relevant to every budding finance professional.

Points noted above are personal views and not made on behalf of the employer organisation or on behalf of IAIP.

A part of Newsletter – Sep 2014

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