Book Review – Breakout Nation: In Search of the Next Economic Miracles

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  • Abhishek Gupta

    I have not read the book – but it seems to be an “eagle’s view” glance after seeing his comments on South Africa.
    The reason that off shore investments are happening is not due to lack of investments in South Africa (which is a small reason) but more importantly because only South Africa has the investment infrastructure and capital raising credentials to sustain investment into Africa. Additionally most fund managers who come to Africa are from Europe of UK and prefer to stay in South Africa – as that is akin to a European lifestyle given SOuth Africa’s world class infrastructure. This coupled with South Africa’s strong legal system makes South africa the gateway for Investments as far as Kenya, Nigeria or Ethipoia.
    Hence a top level analysis will show Investments going out of South Africa – but a detailed analysis will show that these investments were never meant to be for South Africa.

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