Charter Felicitation Ceremony in Bengaluru – A view from a participant

IMG_9622By Pooja Jain

5th Dec 2015, the most memorable and awaited day of my life. This was the biggest event ever attended by me where I was felicitated by Jayesh Gandhi, CFA – President IAIP & Senior Portfolio Manager Birla Sunlife AMC and Ravi Gautham, CFA – Senior Vice President and Director, Northern Trust, both chief guests at the CFA Charter Felicitation Ceremony in Bengaluru. Jayesh introduced IAIP, a local society of CFA Institute, providing insights into what actually the society does and the key benefits for it’s members. Ravi advised that CFAs should keep themselves updated with the global developments in the investment profession and should not get carried away by the laurels he or she has earned.

CFA pass outs and CFA charter holders were felicitated by giving certificates and mementos. Many came on the podium to share their experiences during their CFA journey. It was inspiring to realize that in spite of multiple obstacles, my fellow pass outs and charter holders displayed grit, determination and dedication which enabled them to reach where they are today. One of the stories mentioned which I would never forget is about the farmer and his donkey. This story gives a message that one may face many challenges in life, however one should consider each trouble as a steppingstone, never stop and never give up. I should not forget to mention Abhishek Agarwal who is a role model for everyone. He cleared CA, CFA and CS at a single shot, despite his vision problem. There was a huge round of applause for him.


The only sad thing was the female to male ratio in the hall was low. I believe the CFA Institute should come up with initiatives so that the women participation in this program increases. I appreciate the hard work put up by the IAIP volunteers for the organizing the award ceremony. The venue (ITC Windsor) and the food were excellent and I enjoyed my day thoroughly. Kudos to the IAIP Bangalore team. I would like to end my note with a famous quote, which says, “Always believe in yourself, have faith in your abilities and have confidence in your own powers to be successful and happy”.

– PJ

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