Networking Event-Pune

Contributed by: Manish Chandak


CFA Society India (formerly known as Indian Association of Investment Professionals – IAIP) organized a Networking Dinner in Pune for CFA Society members, Charter Pendings and Candidates on Friday, Jan 20, 2017. This session was presided over by Ms. Sonia Gandhi – Director of CFA Society India. Apart from other roles, she oversees the Programming and Continuing Education (PCE) Committee.

The objective of this event was to let all participants the new initiatives taken by CFA Society India and how these initiatives will enhance the profile of CFA Society India and benefit its members in the long run. Also, she took this opportunity to explain the goals of various committees set up by CFA Society India. Currently following committees are set up and are in overdrive to fulfil their goals:

Advocacy Committee

Programming and Continuing Education (PCE) Committee

Industry Outreach Committee

Membership Committee

Communication Committee

Technology Committee

All participants shared their aspirations and candid feedback as a CFA Society member. Ms. Sonia talked passionately and enthusiastically about how she has benefitted by volunteering for CFA Society India in her personal and professional life. She also urged all members and prospective members to actively work as a volunteer for CFA Society India with the promise that this will make a sea change in their life. The event was followed by networking and dinner.



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